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Cours d'été 2024
Summer Class 2024

About the organizer:

Zone01 Robotics is the largest Robotic STEM organization in Canada. Zone01 is supporting schools and clubs coast to coast since 2007. All instructing at Zone01ORC robotics club is organized by Zone01 Robotic.
Zone01ORC Robotics club started in 2018. The goal is to promote robotics education in the regions where are not enough schools participating in educational robotic activities. Zone01ORC Robotics Club has campus in Brossard, Saint Laurent Montreal,  North York Toronto and Aurora, Ontario.

Zone01, the largest robotic organizer in Canada

General information about the summer class.

B108 7900 Boul. Taschereau, Brossard, J4X 1C2

Daily   8:30 to 16:30 

               June 25-28
uly 2-5
               July 8 to 12
               July 15 to 19
               July 22 to 26
12 to 16 (Competition national final teams & New robotic students )
               August 19 to 23 (Competition national final teams &
 New robotic students )

             Choose 1 or 2 for subjects for each week.

             Introduction class for non-experienced learners ( Grade 1 - 3)
                Robotics class for Grade 4-9

                Engineering design:
                Engineering design class (12-17 years old)
                Focus on 3D design using CAD software, possible hands-on projects depends on the design.

                Instructed by Chuanyi art studio      
                -- Pencil sketch
                -- Clay sculpture
                -- Hand craft making
                All projects based on the age group.

Class size
               5 to 8 per instructor

                français & English & Chinese
Cost  (weekly)

                    CAD 350 (CAD 320 before May 17th)
                    CAD 290 (Week June 25-28 & July 2-5; CAD 260 before May 17th)

Additional cost for engineer squad class         
                Junior--Material cost: CAD 20-50 per project
                Senior--Material cost:40-200 depends on the project chosen

Registration requirement  
                Register by Week
                Language evaluation for non native speakers 
                Skill evaluation for experienced learners 
                Interview maybe required for learners younger than 9 years old (inclusive) 
               Can choose robotic class only, engineering class only or Half-Half


Things to bring 

Lunch & water only

2 x Snacks

Additional clothes

Pencil & paper/notebook

Protective glove (engineer squad)

Safety goggles (engineer squad)

Robotic class: Sample weekly schedule

sample robotics.jpg

Robotic Classes for new students

What we do:    
Introduction to robotics using Lego platform. Students will learn how to build and eventually design certain mechanical structures for specific task such as lifting objects, and they will learn how to program to control the mechanical structure and navigate the robot. Multiple sensors will be used to create basic AI ability for the robot in more advanced classes. 

Material (provided during the class): 
Wedo 2.0:   6-9 years old
Spike Prime: 9-14 years old 

Coding Language
Scratch & Mindstorm


Robotic Classes for experienced students

What we do:    
Students will be working in a group in a project based format. instructing will be focusing on advanced coding logic and structural design of the robot. Projects may be selected from previous Zone01 Challenge or challenges from 2023. Students who is willing to join the national team of Canada for 2023 WRO international final maybe selected.

Spike Prime or EV3

Students are asked to purchase their own materials for competition.

Art Class

WeChat Image_20240418230625.jpg

This class is instructed by Chuanyi Art Studio.


  • Pencil sketch -- Recreational / Beginner for juniors

  • Pencil sketch -- Senior / Professional

  • Water color art

  • Clay sculpture

  • Multiple hand crafts projects

Engineering Design

WeChat Image_20230324153732.jpg

Introduction to basic engineering design.


  • Coordinate system

  • Braining storming

  • How to measure an object

  • Prospective & 3-dimentional

  • Doing basic research online

  • Collecting and looking for materials

  • Coordinate system, Prospective & 3-dimentional

  • 3D CAD engineering design

  • Braining storming

  • Metric and imperial system

  • Research with google

Engineer Squad in action


Pay by Credit Card (3.5% transaction surcharge)
Click the above link to register and make payment
Pay by Bank Email Transfer (No surcharge)
Please send your payment to
Make sure you leave your child(ren)'s name(s) in the message box
Please click the lick above to fill out the registration form.
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