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Hi Mak-ers

Let's roll out

Ongoing Events

November 6-9; Panama

  • WRO International Final


Club Calendar 

  • Last class of Fall 2023: December 16-17

  • First class of Winter 2024: January 6-7

  • WRO release date: Jan 15th

  • Zone01/WRO competition Montreal: April-May

Links (software & hardware)
You will find:

  • If you lost parts or want to buy parts

  • Description of robotic kit we use

  • Links for software download

Refer a friend
By refer a friend, you and your friend will both receive $50 credits. Only thing to do is to fill out the following form and we will do the follow up. Once your friend register, we will send you a coupon of $50 towards your next payment.

You will find where you are

Competition class members are picked by instructors only

For existing students renew only

Personal Leave
Please fill out the personal leave form

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