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Atelier à venir

Upcoming workshop

Applied Science for Robotics and Coding

Grade 4 -- Grade 6
Time:           12H50 - 14H00 Every Sunday    
Location:     Brossard Campus
Language:   English
Robotics Level B3 or B-challenger and above 


Applied Science for Robotics and Coding is designed for students in Robotics level B3 and above.. Class includes essential content for future mechanical design and programming. 

Session A (In person)

Grade 6 -- Secondary 1 (Grade 7)
Time:           18H00-19H15  Every Tuesday  
Location:     Online
Language:   English
Robotics Level B3 or B-challenger and above 


Applied Science for Robotics and Coding is designed for students in Robotics level B3 and above.. Class includes essential content for future mechanical design and programming. 

Session B (Online)

Engineer Squad 
Advanced design class
(moved to program webpage)

Students need to take 3D design workshop 
Time:           Every Wednesday,  19h00 - 20h00    
Location:     Online - In Person
Language:   English
Pre/Co-requisites: 3D design
Age Requirement:
Robotics B-challenger and above or Grade 6+


The advanced design workshop: "Engineer Squad" is designed for students who are interested of designing and handcrafting. The workshop requires mathematic, physic, chemistry and communication skills as well as self learning and basic research skills. 

Class will be both online(theory class) and in person (construction). Learning will be project based. Projects involves various of science and engineering skills including: Theory research, calculation, 3D design and prototype building.

Students who want to enroll in this class/workshop are required to commit to the team. Finishing homework/research milestone as scheduled is a must.

Walking with Dinosaurs 
----A series of many individual workshops

This workshop is provided by Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller, Alberta

Topic:          Planet Earth
Time:           Stay tuned for Ep 2
Age:              All

Location:     Online
Language:   English - French (Questions can be asked and answered in French, the lecture is in English only)

Video clip from previous classes, for demonstration only

CAD 3D Design 

Time:           UPCOMING: Every Tuesday: 18h00-19h00     
Location:     Online
Language:   English (Assisted with Chinese)

Enroll your 3D imagination in the modern computer assisted design world. Treat yourself with the background knowledge of the world top designers for the most modern industrial fine art. We will be using AUTO DESK Fusion 360 during the class and the software is free for you during your study.

Each stage contains 4 classes. We suggest to register for 4 classes at once.

This workshop can be linked with the "Hand Drawing Design"

The Computer 101 -  Part I
Computer hardware basics

Time:           November
Location:     Online
Language:   English 

Coders, after software, let's handle the hardware.

  • Computer basics

  • Computer hardware

  • Computer parts upgrade

  • How to choose a computer

  • How to DIY a computer

Ateliers passés

Passed Workshops

Robotic Class for Parents (English version)

Time:           Tuesday , November 23th,  19h00 - 20h30    
Location:     Online 
Language:   English


Engineer Squad 

Solar Energy and Projects for 2021-2022

Time:           Every Wednesday,  19h00 - 20h00   
Location:     Online 
Language:   English


More energy from the sun falls on the earth in one hour than is used by everyone in the world in one year. A variety of technologies convert sunlight to usable energy for buildings. The most commonly used solar technologies for homes and businesses are solar photovoltaics for electricity, passive solar design for space heating and cooling, and solar water heating.

Businesses and industry use solar technologies to diversify their energy sources, improve efficiency, and save money. Energy developers and utilities use solar photovoltaic and concentrating solar power technologies to produce electricity on a massive scale to power cities and small towns

Aeroplan Model Mak-ER

Time:           Oct 24, 14h00-16h00    
Location:     Brossard Campus
Language:   English (Assisted with Chinese)

3D Creative Design 



Location:     Online
Language:   Chinese -- English

Students register 2nd part need to download and install fusion 360 @
参加第二部分3D设计的学生需要下载安装FUSION 360
Credit card/ Debit Card

Creativity & Skills 



Hand Drawing Design


No matter you are an art enthusiast, or you want to become the top notch designer. Express your brilliant thinking is the key to be recognized. 

Hand draw with one of our professional artists/ designers.

The first class we will start with the most famous robot from movies.

This workshop can be linked with the "CAD 3D Design"

3D Printing with the Expert



Marc-Andre Bazeigui

  • Montreal COVID-19 3D printing PPE designer

  • 1 of 12 Lego Mindstorm Expert worldwide

  • Lego EV3 robot designer

  • EV3D Printer designer

  • Lego international embassador 

Lego Mindstorm Expert Showcase

Speaker: Justin Gaal

Mechanical Engineer

Former Aerospace engineer worked on Airbus A220 

Pratt&Whitney next generation turbofan jet engine


Lecture outline:

  • History of aircraft

  • Type of aircraft engines

  • Aircraft control basics

  • Rocket & Space

  • Mini project: control of paper plane.


Lecture in English

Question can be asked & answered in French or Chinese

Speaker: Justin Gaal

Ingénieur mécanique

Un ancien ingénieur en aérospatiale a travaillé sur l'Airbus A220

Moteur à réaction turboréacteur de nouvelle génération Pratt & Whitney

Speaker: Justin Gaal

Plan de la conférence:

  • Histoire de l'avion

  • Type de moteurs d'avion

  • Bases du contrôle des aéronefs

  • Mini projet: contrôle d'avion en papier.

  • Fusée et espace



Conférence en anglais

La question peut être posée et répondue en français ou en chinois

Introduction to aerospace

Introduction à l'aérospatiale

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