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Hi new Roboters
Join our team!


igloo's Robotics Training is provided by Zone01 Robotics


Who are we?

Zone01ORC Robotics club is the in charge of the robotics program in iGLOO activity center. The instruction is provided by Zone01 Robotics, who is the largest Canadian educational robotics organization.

Who is Zone01 Robotics?

Zone01 Robotics is the largest Canadian educational robotics organization. Zone01 organizes competitions from Coast to Coast in Canada as well as some states in the U.S, mainland China and Europe Union. Zone01 is also the Canadian organizer for World Robot Olympiad and International Final Host of WRO 2020 International final.

Click links below to know more about Zone01 Robotics

About us              Videos              Photos

Where are campuses

  1. Brossard campus at 7900 Boul. Taschereau, Brossard, QC

  2. Saint-Laurent (Montreal) campus at Vanier College 

When do you give the classes?

Most classes take place during weekends with few exceptions. For example, a customized class can be tailored to a group of students.

What is the class sizes?

We only offer small classes. Class sizes varies from 6 to 10 learners depends on the age and levels. For advanced students, the class can fit more than 10 students. 

What is the approach for instructing?

In general, our instructors won't follow a specific teaching plan like others usually do. We believe each class is unique and the teaching need to be tailored. Instructor will follow a guidance provided by Zone01 Robotics but the progress is depending on the level of each class. 


What if my kid had learned robotics before?

In this case, we will arrange an in person or online evaluation to find the right class for him/her. 

Can my kid skip certain levels? 

Yes, finding the right level/class is dynamic.

Our curriculum

Currently, we offer after school training for age group:

6-8:       Focusing on STEM learning, creating and expressing, teamwork.

8 to 12: Focusing on introduction to robotics’ coding and mechanism; problem solving.

12+:      Focusing on robotics related skills, transverse skill includes independent problem solving, research and original design.

                Click to open the curriculum progression chart

​Do students participate in competitions?

Yes, Participating competitions is highly recommended. All our students will have the option to compete in at least one competition once a year. By default, all students will join the regional events organized by Zone01 Robotics every spring from April to May. Students will advance to the national final in Montreal every year if they are qualified from regional events. Winners at National final will form Team Canada to compete in the international stage.

What does Zone01 robotics competition look like?

Zone01 robotics organizes competitions in most Canadian major cities include Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Quebec City and etc.

To know the competition click to view videos below or search Zone01 on Youtube

How long do I need to learn in order to participate in the competition?

Zone01's competition provide different levels of challenges. Even you have just started. Competitions includes skill challenges, team challenges and open creation challenges.  

Way of learning

Playful learn, focusing on skill of independent research and originality of creations. At Zone01ORC Club, winning medals is not the goal. We are anchoring learners with technology and cultivate transverse skill for problem-solving, creating and researching.

What kind of materials do we use?

The club mainly uses materials from LEGO Education. Currently we use:

WeDo 2.0 for junior students from 6-8

Simplified Spike Prime for junior + from 7-9

Spike Prime for beginners from 9 +

EV3 for students who already have the kit.

Do I need to purchase the robotic kit?

It's highly recommended to have your own materials.  We provide materials for some beginner classes. If you want to practice at home or participate in a competition, we highly recommend you to purchase your own. We don't sell the material but we will do group buy for you. The average life span of a robotic kit is 3 to 4 years. 

About programming

Programming is a fundamental skill that students should master. In our robotics coding, we use Scratch, Mindstorm and Python depends on the need and age.

Does learning robotics STEM good for girls?

As more girls have been exposed to science and technology, girls become star players in educational robotics.. Participating in such events are not only for boys. Beside, girls are naturally good in logic thinking and concentrating. This is the gift they have and that can help them make a difference in the world

What is the fees for robotics class?

Please click the link to see our fees schedule

Fees schedule

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